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Business and Leisure

The Business and Leisure department supports customers facing major changes to consumption methods (choice of purchases, customers which lack commitment and are hard to tie down, new societal and environmental expectations) and market structuring (disintermediation, expansion of what is on offer, key role of product and content, intensified pressure from competition, scattered customer data).

Specialized businesses

Food distribution & mass consumption


Fashion, luxury & beauty

Leisure & tourism

Gaming and Gambling

Financial Services

In a changing world (customer behavior and expectations, technological innovations, regulatory changes), insurance companies, social welfare groups, credit institutions and specialized financial firms are having to transform how and where they work.

With proven professional and sector-based expertise in marketing, customer relations and development, VERTONE’s Financial Services teams support major players in the marketplace in France and internationally.

Insurance firms, mutual funds & social welfare groups

Specialized retail & merchant banks

Industry and Agriculture

VERTONE helps transform industrial players in terms of their marketing, strategy, customer experience and business development.

Real estate & construction

Healthcare & pharmacy

Automotive industry


Public Services

VERTONE helps transform services and public services companies in terms of their strategy, marketing, customer experience and business development.

Energy & environment

Transport & mobility

Public Service

Social housing

Logistics & Postal services

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